Drunk in the jungle, according to new research by Professor Frank Ervin, Professor of Psychiatry at Magill University Canada and Robert Palmore, Professor of Human Genetics who have been giving alcoholic drinks to 1000 green vervet monkeys, which are claimed to share 96% genetic make-up with humans. Researchers claim to have found that the animals fall into four categories: binge drinkers, steady drinkers, social drinkers and tee-totallers. The results were: The vast majority are social drinkers who indulge in moderation only when they are with the other monkeys – but never before lunch and prefer alcohol to be diluted with fruit juice. 15% drink heavily and 15% drink little or no alcohol. 5% are abusive binge drinkers. Most heavy drinkers are young males. A spokesman for the World Society For The Protection of Animals said “This project sounds bizarre and I think people will be outraged.” (Sydney Morning Herald , 7 March 2002, page 2)

Editorial Comment: Pigs also like alcohol and willingly get drunk, as do elephants and cockatoos. All of which shows many evolutionists ignore most of the data. (ref alcohol, evolution, behaviour)