Disinfected flies die young, as reported in ScienceNOW 17 Aug 2004. It seems flies are genetically programmed to interact with bacteria in order to live a normal lifespan. As part of the their research into immune system genes and aging , geneticists Ted Brummel of Sam Houston State University Texas and Seymour Benzer of the California Institute of Technology removed bacteria from fly eggs and then raised the flies in a sterile environment. They expected that the bacteria-free flies would live longer as they didn’t have to fight germs, but found they lived only two-thirds the expected fly lifespan. Further experiments confirmed that exposure to bacteria in early life was necessary for the flies to live a normal lifespan.

Editorial Comment: These experiments add to a growing mass of research that all animals and plants are designed to have other organisms including bacteria living with them. The vast majority of bacteria do not cause disease, but live in symbiotic relationships with other creatures. It was only after Man’s fall into sin did bacteria, and the creatures they live on, degenerate, and we predict this will prove to be the real origin of disease. (Ref. flies, bacteria, immunity, prediction)