Dinosaur eating mammal explodes Mesozoic myth, according to news@nature and BBC News 12 Jan 2005. Two mammal fossils dated at 130 million years old, a time when mammals were believed to be tiny shrew-like creatures that hid in fear from dinosaurs, have been found Liaoning, China. One animal named Repenomamus giganticus was similar in size to a badger, thus “exploding the myth that all the mammals living back then were relatively tiny”. Yaoming Hu of the American Museum of Natural History, New York, who studied the fossil commented: “We were totally surprised. The idea about Mesozoic mammals is that they were small. These ones are totally different.” The other mammal, named Repenomamus robustus was not as large, but was found with the bones of a partly articulated young Psittacosaurus (a type of dinosaur) where its stomach would have been. The Psittacosaur bones indicated the Repenomamus had torn its prey into large chunks and gulped it down.


Editorial Comment: Mammals that ate dinosaurs for breakfast are no surprise for Creation Research. Land dwelling mammals and dinosaurs lived together from the sixth day of creation when they were both made. Prior to Noah’s flood the world had become a violent place so large animals may have eaten OR scavenged smaller ones. After Noah’s flood God gave man (and by implication all creatures), permission to eat meat, and mammals, being quick on their feet and brain, had no trouble eating the now smaller reptiles. In fact, predation by mammals probably contributed to the demise of the dinosaurs after Noah’s flood. (Ref. mammals, dinosaurs, Mesozoic)