Devolution debate heats up as opponents and many students take exception to our contention that the world isn’t evolving – it’s devolving, or undergoing devolution, rather than evolution. Both recent UK debates against Steve Jones and Jeff Ollerton met their claim that they had never heard of “devolution” in biology, so it couldn’t be a scientific concept, so we must be making it up. The only place where devolution occurs is in British politics.

A short check through the history books will establish that the word “evolution” already had wide use in politics before Charles Darwin commandeered it for his theory. We don’t mind being credited with inventing the biological meaning of “devolution”, because it accurately describes the degeneration from the good creation after the coming of sin.

What has amazed us is the rabid opposition to the concept that devolution is degenerate change. Ollerton claimed snakes losing their legs is just another example of evolution and when we replied that when humans with legs gave birth to humans with no legs after mum took thalidomide, nobody said “Look – evolution is happening!” Everybody knew it was degenerate, which led to students objecting that their friends who had no legs were not degenerate, but were merely human variants. They disliked it even more when John pointed out that if a lion was let loose in the room, students with no legs would be ‘naturally selected’ against and eliminated from the human gene pool.

Our final prediction as evidence of this devolution for these debates has been one which is not even popular with many creationists: the next decades will see new allergies and diseases we have never seen before as our immune system continues to collapse, as our environment continues to decay, and as our relationship to all other creatures on this planet becomes more unbalanced. The concept of the fall and degeneration has become despicable in the eyes of many, totally due to their acceptance of the false theory of evolution, and is a major reason they think they can ignore God as Saviour. Change is real, but it is not evolution – it is devolution. Degeneration is also real and to deny it will only hinder those who really are degenerate, and do need the help of those of us who are slightly less degenerate. (Ref. genetics, prediction, world view)

Evidence News 24th June 2006