Defend climate change like evolution, says Timothy E. Wirth, as reported in an article in the Washington Post, 15 February 2010 entitled “Series of missteps by climate scientists threatens climate-change agenda”. The article includes this paragraph: “U.N. Foundation President Timothy E. Wirth, whose non-profit group has highlighted the work of the IPCC, said that the pirated e-mails gave “an opening” to attack climate science and that the scientific work “has to be defended just like evolution has to be defended.”

Editorial Comment: Defending evolution includes politicians and lawyers bent on forcing schools to teach evolution and banning creation, plus journalists and popular personalities like Richard Dawkins pouring scorn on those who criticise evolution, as well as peer reviewers keeping any evidence against evolution out of the mainstream literature, along with academics being threatened with dismissal if they express any anti-evolutionary ideas. Wirth is right – defending man-made global warming is like defending evolution. (Ref. controversy, politics)

Evidence News 24 Mar 2010