Dead Sea scrolls downunder, but most people who visit the Australian display still don’t know that many ancient copies of Genesis in Paleo-Hebrew were among the Biblical Texts found in the clay jars some 50 years ago. If the numbers of copies of Genesis found is any indication of its popularity with the ancient Essene Community, then it ranks alongside Isaiah, The Psalms and Deuteronomy (See “The Complete Dead Sea Scrolls in English” by G. Vermes, Penguin Publishers 1998). (ref. Dead Sea Scrolls, Genesis)

Editorial Comment: All the over 2,000 year old Biblical texts found in the caves near the dead sea Qumran community, provide abundant evidence that the Bible has been transmitted accurately across the eleven centuries for which we don’t have copies, a fact which only reinforces the phrase found thousands of times throughout its text – “this is the word of the Lord”.