Dawkins’ defining moment revealed in an interview with Howard Condor on Revelation TV 10 March 2011. Outspoken atheist and anti-creationist Richard Dawkins was asked what made him decide to reject God. The conversation went:

Condor: So, was there a defining moment where you made a decision that you didn’t believe in God?

Dawkins: Yes… I suppose, I switched from Christian theism to some sort of deism about the age of fourteen or fifteen. And then switched to atheism about the age of sixteen – fifteen, sixteen.

Condor: And was there a particular point, or something you read, or an experience you had that said, yes this is it, God does not exist?

Dawkins: Oh well, by far the most important was understanding evolution. I think the evangelical Christians have really sort of got it right in a way, in seeing evolution as the enemy. Whereas the more, what shall we say, sophisticated theologians are quite happy to live with evolution, I think they are deluded. I think the evangelicals have got it right, in that there is a deep incompatibility between evolution and Christianity, and I think I realised that about the age of sixteen.

Editorial Comment: Dawkins’ “deep incompatibility between evolution and Christianity” can easily be seen if you try to tell street kids about Christ. They will ask you questions about dinosaurs, about science, about how did we get different coloured skin if we came from Adam and Eve and more. Most of their questions relate to science vs Genesis, and evolution vs creation. The street kids know, just like the sixteen year old Dawkins, that evolution and Genesis tell mutually exclusive stories about the origin and history of the universe and of mankind. One of them has to be wrong!

Theologians who call themselves evangelical Bible-believers and claim that evolution is not a gospel issue should be made to listen to Dawkins’ interview. We have been trying to get them to see Dawkins’ point since Ken Ham and John Mackay founded the Creation work in Australia. Tragically, Dawkins and many others have chosen to turn their backs on their Creator because they have been led to believe they can trust Darwin, and therefore they know it is 100 percent logical that they cannot trust God’s Word. They regard as imbeciles any theologians who can’t see this. As Jesus Christ put it, “if you don’t believe Moses – how can you believe me?” (See Luke 19, John 5).

Evidence News 20 April 2011