African eve reversal as the orthodox view, espoused by Tattersall and Schwartz, is that mitochondrial DNA is inherited purely in the maternal line, and partakes of no sexual recombination. This makes it exceptionally useful for taxonomists, and it underlies the famous “African Eve” theory, well described in this book. But now Maynard Smith and his colleagues have made the radical claim that, contrary to all previous belief, mitochondrial DNA, like nuclear DNA, does recombine sexually. This is a substantial claim about the real world. If true, it will have far-reaching implications. For instance, it will markedly change estimates of the likely age of “African Eve.” (from The New York Times, August 6, 2000, Sunday, Section 7; Page 18; Book Review Desk)

Editorial Comment: This change in opinion about mitochondrial DNA is a warning to not base Biblical understanding on Scientific Theories or you’ll end up as far from the truth as Hugh Ross has gone with the best of intentions. (Ref. anthropology, DNA, mitochondria)