Evangelical Alliance origins revealed. In February 2005 David Hilborn participated in a debate at the Cambridge Union, opposing the proposition ‘This House Believes Religion is No Longer Needed’. During his address he made the following point:

“At their best, religions do not set science against theology, but see them as complementary. Despite the caricatures presented by the Proposition, most Christians do not believe that the universe was made in six days six millennia ago. One of the key shapers of the Evangelical Alliance in the mid-Nineteenth century, Cambridge Professor T.R. Birks, integrated Christian concepts of creation with Darwinian evolution and natural selection soon after the publication of the Origin of Species in 1859.”

Editorial Comment: It seems that David Hilborn has identified that the foundations of The Evangelical Alliance (UK) were suspect from the start! Evangelical Christians in the west are now reaping the fruit of decades of leaders who have publicly claimed to accept the inerrancy of the Bible, yet have had private doubts that the Scriptures are historically accurate and reliable. Beyond dispute, the root of this problem is a hidden faith in Darwin’s evolution. Don’t be surprised that groups such as Creation Research are rarely asked to speak at such venues. (Ref. conservatives, church, theology)