Darwinian Sistine chapel coming to the London Natural History Museum declares spokesperson on UK Radio 4, 11 February 2008. The project plans to paint a museum ceiling with art inspired by Charles Darwin. Even though they have publically stated the NHM was designed by Sir Richard Owen, an opponent of Darwin, to show the glory of creation, the NHM is taking the position that it was time to put things right and a ceiling dedicated to Darwin was one way of doing it. Sir Richard Owen stated about Darwin: “But, as we have before been led to remark, most of Mr Darwin’s statements elude, by their vagueness and incompleteness, the test of Natural History facts.”

NHM Richard Owen

Editorial Comment: Ever want to see a prophecy fulfilled as you watch? Then remember almost 2,000 years ago the Apostle Peter wrote that in the last days men would wilfully deny creation and the flood. (2 Peter 3:4 ff). The NHM is entering such a public stage of wilful truth denial. Sadly their project should not be compared to Michaelangelo’s creationist Sistine Chapel, but rather labelled a “Darwinian Cistern Chapel” where people will worship the creature rather than the Creator.

Evidence News 13 February 2008