Darwin’s Great, Great Grandson, said in The Sunday Times (UK) Nov. 12, 2000, “I don’t believe in God how could I, given my great grandfather’s theories? But perhaps I would feel happier if I did. Just because I have rejected conventional religion, it does not mean there isn’t a void to be filled.”

Editorial Comment: The proof of the pudding, particularly for those theologians who insist evolution is no threat to Christianity. The interview is subtitled, “a rueful history of the family curse” as he shares the family consequences of Darwin’s attack on Biblical Creation. He begins with Darwin the hypochondriac “whose list of maladies were awe inspiring” down to his mother and grandmother who “were manic depressives” and whose mother “became a complete alcoholic”. It may also be of interest to note that the Biblical principle that the sins of the fathers affects a family down to the third and fourth generation (Exodus Chapter 20 Verse 5). This man is now the fifth generation and he has been on a creation field trip. Pray for him and the whole family. (Ref. Darwin, Theistic Evolution, Faith)