Cretaceous mammal tracks puzzle palaeontologists, as reported in Science, vol 303, p117, 20 Feb 2004. Two palaeontologists have found several sets of mammal tracks in rocks classified as Cretaceous – claimed to be 65 to 75 million years old, but they don’t know what type of animals made them. According to Science, the problem is “The three-to-five toed footprints resemble those of modern rodents; however rodents did not evolve until later.”

Editorial Comment: Evolutionary ideology triumphs over observation yet again. If these tracks look like rodent tracks the best explanation is that they probably are rodent tracks. The theory of evolution says the Cretaceous period was inhabited by reptiles, such as dinosaurs, and “primitive” mammals, yet evolutionists apparently refuse to believe their eyes when confronted by evidence of “advanced” mammals such as rodents. These tracks are no problem for Biblical creationists. Genesis tells us God created all land dwelling animals, including rodents and reptiles on the same day. Therefore, rodents and reptiles lived together, and many died together in Noah’s flood. (Ref. tracks, rodent, fossil)