Cretaceous crocodile ate plants according to palaeontologists who found the fossilised skull, forelimbs and parts of the spine of an unusual crocodile in Madagascar. The fossil had a short snout, a rounded skull and multi-cusped teeth similar to those found in plant eating reptiles. It is also similar to a fossil found earlier in Uruguay and the scientists who described it in Nature vol. 405, 22 June 2000, p941 claim it supports the idea that Madagascar was once joined to South America.

Editorial Comment: A plant eating crocodile should be no surprise. The Bible states all animals were created to eat only plants in the beginning (Genesis 1, 2). Neither is it surprising that the same types of creatures lived in places as diverse as Madagascar and South America. When the world was first created there was only one ocean (Genesis 19) and much more uniform climatic conditions (Genesis 822). Therefore many animals would have been more evenly distributed than today. (Ref. crocodile, diet, vegetarian)