Crabby dinosaur intrigues palaeontologist, according to the Guardian Supplement 13 March 2003, p.11. Two years ago Josh Smith of Washington University, St Louis discovered an enormous dinosaur named Patalititan stromeri in Egypt. He has since excavated the tail of the dinosaur and found a crab near one of its vertebrae. According to Dr Smith crabs and dinosaurs “don’t normally hang out with each other.” He went on to say “This is a nice surprise. It fills in more about this kind of ecosystem.”

Editorial comment: Josh Smith may be surprised at finding a creature that normally lives in the sea buried with a land dwelling dinosaur but this is the norm, not the exception. Many dinosaur fossils, such as Muttaburrasaurus (Australia), T rex (Canada), have been found buried with marine creatures such as shellfish, turtles and fish, but the dinosaurs get all the publicity. The other fossils found buried with dinosaurs tend to be ignored because they are excellent evidence dinosaurs did not die and slowly get buried in their own ecosystems.

Large deposits of mixed fossil creatures from different ecosystems are excellent evidence of catastrophic flood, mixing different eco-creatures together and then dumping and burying them. This means the fossil record is not a history of life at all – merely a record of death. (Ref. dinosaur, crab, flood)