Rape, murder and gossip are all part of evolution according to a recent London UK conference on Human Behaviour and Evolution as reported in New Scientist 23 June, 2001. John and Tiffany Gottschall of St Lawrence University, Canton New York presented statistics claiming rape victims have higher rates of pregnancy than women who had willingly indulged in “one night stands” (6.4% compared with 3.1%) and concluded this explained the “evolutionary success of rape.” Another study concluded those murderous medieval and Tudor monarchs who bumped off their relatives to maintain their own power preserved enough of their own genes to pass onto the next generation and continue the process of evolution. Meanwhile anthropologist Nicole Hess of University of California, Santa Barbara claimed that gossip evolved because women were weaker than men and invented verbal backstabbing rather that physical violence as a weapon to ensure their own security. Gossip bonded them together in the same way hunting in a pack bonded men together.

Editorial Comment: Such claims remind us that the creation/evolution issue is not just a scientific one. It ultimately determines whose laws we live under. If we want to be safe from physical and verbal violence then we must live under a Righteous Creator’s laws, which condemn and punish rape and murder, and ban gossip. If you get rid of the Creator, you must create your own laws, and this always degenerates to survival of the fittest and oppression of the weak. (Ref. Murder, Rape, Evolution)