Embarrassing DNA may force scientists “to redraw the genetic family tree of many animals, after new research indicated that kangaroos are not related to the duckbill platypus. The new results suggest that the current genetic method of mapping the evolution of mammals is seriously flawed. As a result, currently held genetic assumptions about ancestral links between different animals may be completely wrong” according to John van Radowitz, reporting in The Age 2/7/01, Melbourne Australia. “The findings support the old ‘common sense’ approach of linking animals by similar anatomical traits. … In recent years, scientists have increasingly relied on using mitochondrial DNA to make comparisons between mammals. Now the scientists want to test the reliability of mitochondrial DNA at a final level of classification – to see, for instance, if it really is right to regard hippos and whales as relatives.”

Editorial Comment: Of course, evolutionary DNA testers would be the last to admit that the “common sense” approach was invented by creationists, such as Owen and Cuvier, who argued that the similarities or common traits pointed to a common Designer. The problem with common sense is that it’s not too common! Amongst evolutionists, if it was, they would all admit we have proof of a common Creator rather than a common ancestor!