“Calculated deceit characterises about half of Australia’s undergraduates who cheat in exams and essays, claims “research by University of South Australia Ph.D. student Helen Marsden” which “backs US surveys from the past 12 years showing more than 40% of undergraduates cheat in exams and more than 60% plagiarise written work”, according to The Australian , Wednesday 21st January, 2004, p 24.

Editorial Comment: What the surveyors are missing is that the common link for most of these students will be they have an evolutionist mindset. If evolution is the real history of the world, then everything can evolve, including truth, facts, and rules. Truth and integrity are absolute values only when they are based on absolutes such as the Creator. This is why when Christ became a man, He said he was the Truth. (John 146)

Do you want to bring truth back into education and eliminate mass bulk cheating? Then get rid of evolution and replace it with Creator and creation. (Ref Deceit, Truth, Science)