“But it is evolution” said Otway Discoveries Tour Leader Sally Ryan as one of the famous Twelve Apostles, a series of spectacular sea stacks off the southern coast of Victoria Australia, collapsed in a heap of rubble on Sunday the 3rd July, reported the Australian 4 July (front page), under the headlines:- “20 Million years old. Gone in 60 seconds”.

The 50 metre high sandy limestone formation crumbled shortly before 9.20am. A 15 year old boy who was visiting from Sydney took two fortuitous photographs one minute apart showing the formation up, and then completely down. Professor Bernie Joyce, from the Earth Science department of Melbourne’s Monash University, said waves would have been chipping away at the sea stack by a few millimetres every year. “Some of it is very soft – a combination of limestone, sandstone and fossils”. The rubble is expected to disappear within weeks. The sea stack was part of a sedimentary formation which geologists claim formed about 20 million years ago under the sea, and was then uplifted and eroded to form the sea stacks roughly 6,000 years ago. The collapsed stack was roughly 100m off shore. Only eight of the twelve apostles are still standing, although locals argue as to how many apostles there are or have been, with claims varying from 8 to 14, even though only nine have been easily seen since recorded European settlement. At least a million tourists come to the region each year to see the Twelve Apostles.

Editorial Comment: Sally the tour leader who stated the collapse of this sea stack was evolution, is a victim of the educational system which has imposed the false view that any change is evolution. She had just seen an example of the degenerate change in which no life forms were observed to change. Given the suddenness of the collapse, the only biological results was a few crushed creatures around the base of the stack. The headlines “20 million years old, gone in 60 seconds”, are further evidence that sudden catastrophic events make a mockery of all claims that the earth has a multi-billion year history. (Ref. uniformitarian, catastrophism, age)