Big green rocks are more evidence that Mars is not inhabited by little green men or any other form of life, according to a report in New Scientist 11 Nov, 2000, p31. Roger Clark of the US Geological Survey presented evidence that over 2.5 million square kilometres of Mars contain outcrops of olivine, a rock that only survives in cold, dry conditions. Olivine weathers very rapidly in conditions that are warm and moist enough for life. It does exist on earth inside some volcanic deposits but breaks down within months of being exposed to the weather. The olivine on Mars is found in heavily cratered, eroded regions that geologists consider to be very ancient and is therefore evidence that the environment on Mars has been inappropriate for life for a long time.

Editorial Comment: Although God could have put life on Mars if He chose to, Genesis states He made all the heavenly bodies to act as signs to mark seasons, days and years for the benefit of human beings. (Genesis 1:14) (Ref. Mars, planets, life)