Big DNA chunks separate chimps and humans, according to a report in ScienceNOW 21 October 2002. The idea that humans are 98.5% chimpanzee has been dealt another blow with a study comparing long lengths of human and chimp DNA. The popular 98.5% came from a number of studies that looked for single base differences in short lengths of DNA. Geneticists at Perlegen Sciences, Mountain View California compared human chromosome 21 with the chimp chromosome that most closely resembles it (number 22). They found 57 places where pieces of DNA ranging in length from 200 bases to 10,000 bases existed in either the chimp or human chromosome, but not both.

Editorial Comment: The Perlegen Sciences study did not suggest a new percentage similarity for chimp and human DNA. Are they beginning to realise such figures are going to be revised many times as work proceeds on the human and chimp genomes? They could save a lot of bother and tax dollars if they just admitted chimps and humans are completely different, but then they would have to credit God as Creator also. (Ref. human, chimpanzee, DNA)