Big animal puzzle for biologists according to an article in Nature, 31 Jan 2002. Scientists ask why dinosaurs were able to grow to such enormous sizes but no really large animals have evolved since dinosaurs died out. Several studies have found that large animals need to live on large land masses. Other studies found large animals need lots of vegetation. However, scientists are having a hard time fitting these two factors together to explain the really huge dinosaurs. Although the Cretaceous period, the age of enormous dinosaurs, had lush vegetation it occurred 80 million years after the continents had split into land masses much the same as today’s continents.

Editorial Comment: Biblical history does suggest how you might put these large land mass, lush vegetation and huge critters together. Before Noah’s flood there was only one land mass and one ocean (see Genesis 1:9-10). There was also a world-wide mild climate supporting lush vegetation all over the earth. (For the start of winter see Genesis 822). (Ref. dinosaurs, Cretaceous, ecology)