Beware of Bartonella, warned New Scientist, 21 Jul 2001, p20. Bartonella is a bacterium suspected of causing the sudden unexpected death of some very fit orienteers in Sweden several years ago. Not much is known about it yet, but according to Didier Raoult of the University of the Mediterranean, France, “Every year we are finding two or three new diseases caused by Bartonella.”

Editorial Comment: Infectious disease are the result of bacteria, viruses etc. getting into places that the human immune system would have originally kept them out. The fact that new bacterial diseases are being discovered is good evidence that the world in general, and humans in particular, are degenerating is exactly what you would expect if you take Biblical history seriously. Genesis tells us the world started out perfect but has degenerated since man sinned. (Ref. Bartonella, bacteria, disease)