Bacterial batteries use mud power to clean up pollution and power under-water sensors according to a report in Science vol. 295, p425, 18 Jan 2002. Microbiologists have found bacteria that generate electricity using underwater organic sediments. The amount of power they produce is not great but is proving enough to power scientific instruments used in weather reporting to measure water currents and temperature. The bacteria are Desulfuromonas acetoxidans, whose main claim to fame is the ability to detoxify toluene and other organic solvents, and therefore are useful in pollution control.

Editorial Comment: Bacteria are proving to be a wonderful resource in many ways. Putting them to work to clean up pollution or power scientific instruments is a good application of the mandate Adam and Eve were given at creation to rule over the earth and all the living creatures on it. It also reminds us that God promised to supply all our needs. How long will it be before some evolutionist green group demands freedom and rights for bacteria as our equals. (Ref. bacteria, niche, design)