Bacteria ease belly aches, as reported in New Scientist, 10 Jan 2004, p16. Some chronic inflammatory intestinal diseases result from the intestinal lining not being able to turn off the inflammatory response after it has fought off infection by nasty bacteria. A harmless bacterium that lives in the intestines has been found to secrete a chemical signal that helps the lining of the intestines turn off inflammation after the bad bacteria have gone.

Editorial Comment: Scientists have known for a long time that most bacteria living in our bodies are harmless. Here is one that actually does positive good. This study affirms the creationist belief that originally all micro-organisms were harmless and lived in a state of co-operation with man and other living creatures. Creation Research predicts that as more studies of chemical signalling between cells are done, more examples of co-operation will be found. (Ref. prediction, bacteria, inflammation, disease)