Australia vs USA on Hobbits as interview with Dr Colin Groves of Australian National University on ABC (Australia) News 2 October 2006, began, “In 2003, Australian scientists unearthed the remains of a hobbit-like species, with adults about the height of a three-year-old child, in a cave on a remote island in Indonesia.” Dr Groves rebutted claims by American scientists that bones found in Indonesia nicknamed “Hobbits” were actually dwarf human beings with a brain deformity. Groves claimed: “Aspects of the shape of the skull are completely outside modern humans. The shape of the earhole in the skull, the shape of the forehead and the back of the skull, all these things are way outside. The limb proportions are quite different from those seen in any modern humans that I’ve ever heard of.” Groves claims the bones are from a new species of humans.


Editorial Comment: Groves is right about the Hobbit bones being different from any modern humans, because they are way outside the range of modern human dimensions. However, he is wrong in classifying them as another species of human being. The bones are more like ape bones than human bones, but there is no scientific or popular media sensation in finding a dead ape. (Ref. Floresiensis, anthropology, hominid)

11th October 2006