Another dinosaur flood catastrophe, according to an article in the Canadian Globe and Mail 17 June 2010. Scientists in Alberta Canada have found an enormous bone bed containing thousands of horned dinosaurs and concluded the animals were wiped out by a catastrophic tropical storm-flood scenario. The bone bed is near Hilda, 50 km north of Medicine Hat and covers an area of 2.3 square kilometres (0.9 square miles), making it the largest dinosaur bone bed documented so far. David Eberth, a senior research scientist at the Royal Tyrrell Museum explained: “Data from this mega bone bed provide pretty clear evidence that these and other dinosaurs were routinely wiped out by catastrophic tropical storms that flooded what was once coastal lowland here in Alberta, 76 million years ago.” He went on to say: “It’s unlikely that these animals could tread water for very long, so the scale of the carnage must have been breath-taking. The evidence suggests that after the flood, dinosaur scavengers trampled and smashed bones in their attempt to feast on the rotting remains.” The museum scientists claim the bone bed indicates that the plant-eating horned dinosaur named Centrosaurus apertus, lived in large herds. They also claim it explains why there are so many dinosaur fossils in the badlands of Western Canada. Ebert commented: “Not only can we now explain why these kinds of horned dinosaurs are preserved in such great abundance here, but the tropical storm model also explains why there are so many kinds of dinosaurs preserved in the rocks at Dinosaur Provincial Park, the Drumheller area, and even Grande Prairie, and why they are often found preserved so exquisitely.”

Editorial Comment: Another local flood, eh? Explains why so many dinosaurs in Alberta Badlands, eh? They are getting close, eh? As someone who has wandered much through Canadian and USA badlands dinosaur deposits, this editor suspects they will eventually find fossil shark teeth, turtle bones etc. also occur in much of the badlands deposits, all of which indicate a flood of far bigger proportions than one which covered a few square kilometres. Perhaps if we reminded them that no tropical storm, even a hurricane, has ever been observed to bury that many large animals it might help, or would the underlying anti-Noah’s Flood bias built into geology since the time of Lyell and Darwin, stop them admitting it still? You decide. (Ref. deluge, cataclysm, reptiles)

Evidence News, 23 June 2010