It’s time to realise that the millions of evolutionary years are derived from the assumptions of people such as Charles Lyell (author of Principles of Geology), who stated in a letter written in 1830 that his geological aim was to “free the science from Moses”. (Life Letters and Journals, published by John Murray 1881).
Moses talks about Creation and Noah’s flood in Genesis. A hundred and eighty years after Lyell, it is no surprise students worldwide think the Bible has been disproved, when the hidden assumption of Geology, and from there to Biology, has been to discredit Moses. Jesus said, “If they don’t believe what Moses wrote, how can they believe what I say” (John 546-47). Therefore, evolutionist biology and geology courses are not only anti-Creation, they discriminate against Christianity.
An enduring aspect of Lyell’s thinking is his principle “the present is the key to the past”. Most geologists have abandoned Lyell’s anti-catastrophism and now accept any catastrophe, unless recorded by Moses, e.g. scientists trying to explain the large canyons on Mars, (which make the Grand Canyon look like chicken scratches), suggest a Martian global flood on a planet which has no free water. Yet they reject Noah’s flood on an Earth with over 70% of the surface covered with water. It’s not global floods they are opposed to, but a flood sent by the God of Moses. Accepting Noah’s flood means accepting God’s right to judge sin, and modern man wants little of that.