Upping Einstein as physicist L J Wang and colleagues at NEC Institute, Princeton New Jersey claims to have accelerated light up to 300 times the “speed of light” (300 x 299,300 km/sec), reported in Nature vol. 406, pp277-279, 20 July 2000. The experiment was carried out by transmitting a pulse of light through a chamber filled with specially treated caesium gas. Results are already causing controversy amongst physicists because as Wang and colleagues admit: “Einstein’s theory of special relativity and the principle of causality imply that the speed of any moving object cannot exceed that of light in a vacuum (c).” A News and Views article in the same issue of Nature puts it more bluntly: “The textbooks say nothing can travel faster than light, not even light itself.”

Editorial Comment: The one useful thing about getting old is that you can look back over all the theories they taught you at university and realise that most are no longer taught. Yet they came through the professors’ lips as the latest “science”, so the controversy on campus was ‘how could the Bible possibly be true when Professor W has discovered X. 30 years later no one remembers Professor W, and X has proved to be as false as Y and Z which followed it. Einstein was crowned science man of the 20th Century. Only 6 months into the 21st century his crown is being challenged. Many question Genesis based on the assumption that Einstein’s speed limit for light is provably fixed. Hugh Ross’s heresies depend on it. Never forget Einstein was only a man who theorised. God is not a man, and He never theorises. He tells us what He actually did.