Speed of light changing reports John Webb of University of New South Wales, Sydney Australia, in Physical Review Letters 87:091301, 4 Sep 2001 DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.87.091301. A press release from University of California, San Diego Centre for Astrophysics and Space Sciences is entitled Cosmic Laws Like Speed of Light Might Be Changing, a Study Finds. Commenting on the implications of the research Webb said: “It’s possible that there is a time evolution of the laws of physics.” He went on to say: “If it’s correct, it’s the result of a lifetime.”

PDF article on arxiv, UCSD Press Release

Editorial Comment: Many years ago, Australian creationist Barry Setterfield, created a furore when he published his thesis that the speed of light was decreasing. This new paper is taking a totally different tack with the data. The current view of world physics is a parasitized Christian view, based on the immutability of physical laws in the Creation, based originally on the immutability of the Creator. Physics has long departed from having God the Creator as its centre, yet it has clung to the immutability of natural laws. It is not surprising in the now evolutionist world to find Webb and colleagues suggesting that if we can prove the speed of light has changed, it means the physical laws of the universe are evolving. This is a trend we have long predicted will happen in the pagan mindset. Keep watching for more of the same. (Ref. light, speed, laws)