French microbiologist questions evolution, according to Science vol 335, p1035, 2 March 2012.

French microbiologist Didier Raoult has discovered many new species of microbes, including a virus of record size, called Mimivirus, but he is considered controversial because he is very critical of other microbiologists, and of standard theories of how microbes evolved. Raoult is also critical of aspects of Darwin’s theory, including the importance of natural selection, and has published a book entitled Dépasser Darwin (Beyond Darwin).

Raoult claims genes can be exchanged between microbes and complex organisms, which means de novo creation of entirely new species is possible. He therefore claims Darwin’s branching tree of life should be replaced with an interconnecting network. According to Raoult “Darwin was a priest” and he claims Darwin got the idea of the tree of life from the Bible. His criticism of Darwin has annoyed other French scientists. David Moreira of the University of Paris-Sud in Orsay is concerned that Raoult is providing creationists with ammunition and commented: “It’s dangerous to say those things”.

Editorial Comment: It seems that many Frenchmen have forgiven Darwin for being an Englishman, and are prepared to defend him, even against their own countrymen. Raoult is not a creationist, but his case shows that even daring to criticise Darwin and propose an alternative theory of speciation, is considered a kind of blasphemy in scientific circles, and condemned as dangerous by Darwin’s followers.

Raoult’s description of Darwin as a priest is rather far-fetched, but it is a reminder of the staunch faith of Darwin’s followers – people such as Dawkins. We will leave you to consider the Raoult’s claim that Darwin’s evolutionary tree has been inspired by the Bible’s Tree of Life. Our conclusion is simple: Raoult is provably not ignorant of Darwin, but he is certainly ignorant of the Bible. (See Genesis 1-3)

 Evidence News 18 October 2012

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