“Sun’s rays to roast earth as poles flip” according to Robin McKie, Science Editor, The Observer, 10 November 2002, p.13.

The earth s magnetic field protects the earth from harmful radiation and particles from the sun, but it is weakening and at the current rate of decay could disappear over the next 1,000 years. The effect has been noticed for more than 100 years, but disappearance has been evident most obviously over twenty years at the poles, “a clear sign that a flip may take place soon.”

Editorial Comment: The idea that the earth’s magnetic field goes through cycles where it declines to nothing and then reverses and builds up again is an attempt to explain away some very powerful evidence that the earth is not millions of years old. Scientists have been measuring the strength of the field for over a century and have worked out the rate of decay. If they extrapolate backwards to see when the field would have been so strong it was a threat to life, they come up with an answer of less than 10,000 years. This is unacceptable to evolutionists who want the earth to be many millions of years old.

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