“After Annie’s death, Charles set the Christian faith firmly behind him” writes Randal Keynes, a great, great grandson of Charles Darwin in a biography of Darwin, Annie’s Box. Keynes’ book, which focuses on Darwin’s family life, was reviewed in Science, vol 296, p1974, 14 Jun 2002. The reviewer states, “Freed from the last vestige of belief that the world was perfect because God created it that way, Darwin continued without spiritual restraint to work out his theory on the origin of species.”

Editorial Comment: Now that the Christian church is no longer held in respect in our culture, historians are finally admitting Darwin’s Theory of Evolution was inherently anti-Christian. Darwin’s loss of faith in a good God because he saw it as incompatible with an evil world, reveals the essential flaw in all compromise creation positions that refuse to take Genesis seriously (i.e. theistic evolution, and intelligent design). These beliefs may explain creative design, but they do not explain why the world is full of things that are not good, such as disease and death. There is a significant difference between something that doesn’t function well because it was made by an evil or incompetent creator, and something that functions badly because it was later corrupted by the one into whose hands it was placed, i.e. man. Only Genesis gives a clear, consistent explanation of why the world is tainted by evil (man sinned), yet shows the vestiges of perfect design that are beyond chance. It also provides the background as to why Christ the Creator is the only one who can save us from the eternal penalty of our sin. (Ref. Darwin, evolution, death)

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