An ‘Expelled’ welcome to Evidence News as the Movie of that name, was released in US theatres last week, so we went to see the Chicago screening. We can understand why Atheist Darwinist Richard Dawkins has been loudly mouthing his criticism. The movie is worth seeing even if only for the last five minutes where Dawkins expounds about earth life possibly being designed by a race of very intelligent beings who must have naturalistically evolved sometime previously. He may as well have just loaded his foot into his mouth and pulled the trigger. Starring Ben Stein as himself, a Jewish investigator, the critics will undoubtedly regard the historic clips of the holocaust inserted right from the start as cheap shots and they certainly seem that way until near the end when Stein visits Germany investigating Darwin’s role in Hitler’s extermination of the Jews. Hearing the Germans confess as to what motivated the Nazis is profound. However the repeated “freedom to choose” has made America Great”, makes the movie very American and means as such it will not communicate as well outside the States. But it is worth seeing as the basic theme of the majority world view persecuting the underdog (in this case the US Intelligent Design movement) is perennial
23 April 2008