Big Freeze theory reported in ScienceDaily 20 August 2012 and ABC News in Science 21 August 2012.

The universe is very large, but according to the Big Bang theory it started out very small, which means two incompatible theories need to be unified. James Quach, from the University of Melbourne explained: “On the one hand you have quantum mechanics, which describes the physics of the very small, like molecules, atoms and sub-atomic particles. On the other hand you have general relativity which describes the physics of very large things like planets, solar systems and galaxies”. Einstein’s general relativity, assumes that “space and time were continuous and flowed smoothly”.

Quach and his colleagues think they can solve the problem with a new theory known as “Quantum Graphity”. This theory suggests the universe is made up of extremely tiny particles, smaller than the Higgs boson. These particles are too small to see, but their presence may be deduced using a mathematical model that starts with the early universe being like a liquid with no definable form. Quach explained: “Think of the early universe as being like a liquid. As the universe cools, it ‘crystallizes’ into the three spatial and one time dimension that we see today. Theorised this way, as the Universe cools, we would expect that cracks should form, similar to the way cracks are formed when water freezes into ice”. Quach’s team think they can find evidence of the cracks because they claim “Light and other particles would bend or reflect off such defects, and therefore in theory we should be able to detect these effects”.

ABC, ScienceDaily

Editorial Comment: Wow – just a few weeks ago the Higgs Boson was the ultimate particle. Now they predict a smaller one. What a short reign the Higgs Boson had! These bizarre speculations remind us that the Big Bang theory is not an observed scientific fact, but the imagination of those who refuse to accept the Creator’s Word that He made space, time, matter and energy in fully functional states in just 6 days.

Evidence News, 5 September 2012

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