Amazon dinosaur intrigues scientists, as reported in BBC News 15 January 2004.

Researchers from Federal University in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil have found a 10 metre (32 feet) long fossilised sauropod believed to be 100 million years old. Many scientists have believed looking for fossils in Amazon rainforest would be a waste of time because the hot steamy conditions cause rapid decay of fossils. The fossil dinosaur was not alone. It was buried with fossil turtles, crocodiles, molluscs and fish.


Editorial Comment: Scientists are right about rapid decay in the current Amazon environment anything that dies there today has no chance of becoming a fossil. A mass of fossils that includes a 10 metre dinosaur is proof that they were so rapidly and deeply buried so that the normal decay processes could not get to them. Furthermore, the fossils were a mixture of land and sea creatures, so this is not a buried environment. It is far more likely these creatures were all swept up by a massive flood and then dumped where they were found. This flood dinosaur dump is a world-wide pattern in dinosaur beds. (Ref. Amazon, dinosaur, flood)

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