Allosaurus skull over-engineered according to a group of scientists who undertook a study on the skull on a large dinosaur with the unlikely name of Allosaurus fragilis. Their report of the detailed study of the biomechanics of the skull, published in Nature Vol. 409, p1033, 22 February 2001, concludes the dinosaur had a tough head but a weak bite. Allosaurus is traditionally portrayed as a predator in the same league as T. rex, but the research team concluded it could not have bitten its prey to death. They suggest it butted its prey then slashed it with its sharp teeth causing it to bleed to death.

Editorial Comment: The motor car sure kills children well by hitting them and waiting for them to bleed to death – yet we know the car was not designed for this! Likewise the fact that a dinosaur’s skull and jaws could have been used in a violent way, is no proof that it was engineered for such a task. Genesis tells how God was grieved when the world became filled with violence following man’s sinful rebellion. Whatever violent behaviour Allosaurus and his mates got up to, finally was the result of degeneration triggered by man’s rebellion, not God’s original creation. (Ref. Allosaurus, dinosaur, predator)