Evolutionists catch up with us in an article in Nature, Vol. 406, p717, 17 Aug 2000. Biologists have compared the leg bones of Caudipteryx, one of the so called “feathered dinosaurs,” with the leg bones of running birds and dinosaurs, and came to the conclusion that it ran like a bird, not like a dinosaur. A report of the study in Science News Vol. 158, p119, 19 Aug 2000 refers to the fossil “as bird has-been and not a bird wanna-be”.

Editorial Comment: When this fossil was first presented to the world as proof dinosaurs evolved into birds, Creation Research suggested (Creation News Vol 12, No.3, 1998) it was an extinct flightless bird rather than a half evolved dinosaur. Our conclusion was based on our creation premise that all groups of creatures were separately created and therefore the basic kinds of creatures are not related. Seems to work, eh? Great to see evolutionist catch up to us. (Ref. birds, dinosaurs, fossils)