Weird teeth perplex palaeontologists who reported a recently discovered dinosaur with front teeth splayed out forward and central teeth almost horizontal. (Nature Vol 409, p504, 25 Jan 2001) The six foot long (2m) dinosaur was found in Cretaceous rocks in Madagascar with teeth and jaws different from any other dinosaur. The authors, intrigued as to what the animal ate with such bizarre teeth, suggest it may have hunted insects.

Editorial Comment: Here’s their basic fallacy. An animal’s teeth never reveal what it ate, only how it ate. This dinosaur’s splendid array of teeth could just as easily have been used for gathering berries or other plant foods. Genesis1:28-31 is emphatic that in the beginning God made animals to eat plants. Therefore he would have given animals the right teeth to eat them. Only after the environment degenerated as winter and summer (and hence Natural Selection) arrived, following Noah’s Flood, did some animals begin to eat others in order to get enough nutrients. (Ref. teeth diet, dinosaur)