College graduates reject evolution, according to Newsweek poll published 30 Mar 2007. The poll found that 48 percent of the USA general public rejects the theory of evolution and 34% of college graduates claimed to accept the Biblical account of creation as a fact. The poll also collected statistics on overall religious allegiances. Atheists accounted for only nine percent of people in the poll. The remaining 91 percent believed in a god/God and 82 percent identified themselves as Christians. The other five percent identified themselves with non-Christian religions, such as Judaism or Islam. Of those who identified themselves as Evangelical Protestants, 73 percent claimed they believed God created human beings in their present form, less than 10,000 years ago. This belief was also held by 39 percent of non-Evangelical Protestants and 41 percent of Catholics.

Editorial Comment: There are two perspective on this:

We suspect that militant atheists like Richard Dawkins will be pouring scorn on these results, but they are similar to results of a BBC Mori poll survey in Britain in 2006, which showed that only 48 percent of people believed evolution was the best explanation for how the world got here, and 39 percent believed in creation or intelligent design. (See “Evolution fails in British opinion poll, Evidence News 8 Feb 2006) Despite evolutionists’ and atheists’ almost complete dominance of professional and popular media in both countries, a significant number of people believe the Bible gives a better explanation of how they got here. Whether they have a college education or not, people know from their own experience that chance random processes only destroy things. It takes a Creator to make a functioning world.

Our latest Spiritus Veritus Poll shows that 100 percent of demons surveyed believe in God. All knew the theory of evolution to be false based on their own observations of the act of creation but stated (without exception) they still find evolution a useful means to deceive a majority of Americans into accepting God used evolution. In a democracy 52 percent is all that is needed as democracy does not depend on truth. Please note – this survey was based on known demon data only from the past 6,000 years only. (Ref. statistics, faith, philosophy)

Evidence News 4th April 2007