Cold coral surprise reported in BBC online news, 4 June 2004. An international survey of coral reefs found in cooler waters along the edges of the continental shelves and around offshore submarine banks and sea mounts has turned up many unexpected creatures. Andre Freiwald of the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, German, who led the study commented: “We are finding not only new species of corals and cold water coral in new locations but associated organisms, like snails and clams, that were believed by palaeontologist to have become extinct two million years ago. That was a real surprise, and we expect many of these surprises in the future as we undertake more scientific research.”


Editorial Comment: The more we search out life on earth or the sea the more “living fossils” we find. Finding these “extinct” creatures is no help to the theory of evolution. Even if they had been unseen for two million years, they have reproduced after their kind, just as Genesis said they would. The fact that some living creatures now only live in obscure places, mostly untouched by humans fits the Biblical history of the world. The Bible indicates that the world was once a far better place but has been damaged by human sin and God’s judgement. Therefore, it is no real surprise that some creatures can now only survive in obscure places not commonly explored by humans. (Ref. coral, reef, extinct)