Coalified water lily flower found in early cretaceous rocks is identical to modern water lilies according to Professor Peter Crane et al, reported Kew Scientist p.1, April 2001. In evolutionary terms this is the oldest known fossil water lily found.

Editorial Comment:: Many years ago Professor Corner from Cambridge University Botany Department UK, stated that “… to the unprejudiced, the fossil record of plants favours special creation” (Contemporary Botanical Thought, Oliver and Boyd, 1971, p.97). This new discovery only reinforces the fact that present day water lilies reproduce their own kind and always have! (See Genesis 1:11). (Ref. Water lilies, plant fossils, kind) 

Note: when we first published this item in Evidence News we accidently gave the reference as New Scientist, rather than Kew Scientist. It is interesting to note Our original sentence had more than 100 letters (English code) in it, a less than 1% difference in the coded information changed the meaning entirely. So much for arguments that 99% similar DNA proves man and apes are related.