Climate control Chinese style described in an article in Daily Tech, 27 Mar 2008. The 2008 Olympic Games will be held during the rainy season in Northeast Asia so the Chinese are planning to recruit the army into a “war with mother nature” to try to stop the rain before it deluges any Olympic events. They plan to barrage any approaching rain clouds with silver iodide and dry ice fired from anti-aircraft guns and sprayed from planes, in order to make the clouds drop their rain before they get into Beijing. If this does not work, they will drop liquid nitrogen from planes into the clouds an attempt to reduce the size of water droplets in the clouds so they are less likely to fall as rain while the clouds are over the Olympic venues. Zhang Qian, head of Beijing’s Weather Modification Office, claims “the results with light rain have been satisfactory,” but not so good with heavy rain.

Editorial Comment: Perhaps it would have been smarter use of climate control (as well as cheaper) to hold the Olympics in the Dry Season? What the Chinese are doing is a good example of a misguided attempt at dominion over nature by an atheistic society. The Creator God never did give Human beings total control over the weather. They were given minds to observe and understand the regular patterns and cycles God is in charge of, and live according to them. Instead of mobilising an army to battle a mythical “mother nature” of atheism, the Chinese and Olympic authorities should submit themselves to the real God who is in control of the climate and ask Him to provide suitable weather. (Ref. meteorology, stewardship, precipitation)

Evidence News 9 April 2008