UK creationist Michael Garland recommends the book Climate Change Reconsidered, a comprehensive refutation of the UN/IPCC argument for CO2 driven global warming, available as a free download from:

Garland writes: “I would highlight chapter 3 – a lucid expose of the famous ‘hockey stick’ graph supposedly demonstrating accelerating 20th and 21st century temperatures as a lesson in how not to do science. I mention the book here because so many ‘highly reputable’ scientists are, surely, going to have egg on their faces. The take home message that I am going to try to exploit is that science excludes alternative and minority voices to its peril. Indeed we need to make that point because the alternative, post-modernism take on this is that we can’t know anything. Science now concerns itself with advocacy when it should be about critical thinking. From what I’ve seen this book seems to get so much right. Even the web pages are done superbly, simple navigation with summaries at every heading, the language is simple yet the literature review and citations are awesome – talk about taking the IPCC reports to the cleaners!”

A reviewer stated: “None of the UN document’s principal claims is left standing. No objective reader can walk away from the NIPCC report without realizing how weak the case is for alarm over global warming. Global warming simply is not the crisis so many politicians and activists claim it is. It never was.”

The book is from the Nongovernmental Internal Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC).

Evidence News 5 August 2009