Climate change and Christmas down under for this editor meant sitting in front of the roaring log fire in Ballarat, Australia trying to get warm. (Note: Christmas is in Summer in Australia) I pondered the snow falling on nearby hills which helped put bush fires out, even though the hail stones didn’t damage even the sign at the local lake which warned “we do not recommend swimming here”. Understandable since the lake is also bone dry. We conclude that the evidence is definitely against global warming this mid summer as Melbourne reached its lowest recorded temperature due to winds from the arctic which lashed Australia’s south east. When I returned home to Tropical Queensland, I noticed that the brilliant pumpkin crop that had flourished due to a very mild Aussie summer, had strange markings on it which I had never seen before. On consulting a book on plant diseases – I discovered they’d been caused by the temperature being too low as the pumpkin ripened.

December in the Tropics and Christmas in Australia is obviously suffering so much global warming it’s been cold enough to kill you. Far better to stick with the Biblical record from the God who was there rather than the weather experts who weren’t. The Bible records that the weather has become increasingly erratic since the time of Noah’s Flood. Global climate change – yes, global warming – no, and it started long before the invention of the motor car and the increase in factory output of CO2. The world’s governments may never a find a solution to the problem of climate change, but they will surely find ways to tax it.

Evidence news 9 February 2007