Churches to celebrate Darwin, according to the Clergy Letter Project, an organisation dedicated to teaching theistic evolution. It has two main activities. One is collecting signatures of clergy and rabbis on a statement proclaiming evolution to be true science and compatible with Genesis. The other is encouraging churches and synagogues to have an annual weekend of teaching about evolution, close to the anniversary of Darwin’s birth. The next Evolution Weekend will be 13-15 February 2009. They already have over 561 congregations participating. The goals of the weekend include demonstrating “that religious people from many faiths and locations understand that evolution is sound science and poses no problems for their faith” and making it clear “that those claiming that people must choose between religion and science are creating a false dichotomy.”

Clergy Letter Project

Editorial Comment: It is the Clergy Letter Project that is creating a false dichotomy. Genesis and evolution are not about religion versus science. The debate is about which religion you use to interpret the science.

Evolution is not “sound science”. It is a belief held by faith in a process that has not been observed. No-one has ever seen one kind of creature turn into a completely different kind. Belief in creation is also by faith, because no human scientist was there to observe it happening. However, the scientific observations of the world today fit the record provided by the God who was there. Charles Darwin knew, and admitted, the Bible was not compatible with his theory, and he rejected the Bible. As such, Darwin was more consistent than those in the churches and synagogues who want to revere him. The Church Pastors and Rabbis who signed the letters should remember the challenge from the Jewish leader Joshua, who told the people they must choose who they will serve. By serving Darwin, they are not serving Joshua’s Lord (Joshua 24:14-16). (Ref. Theistic evolution, Darwinism, theology)