Catastrophic flood results. In the January 2011 floods in the Lockyer Valley of south east Queensland, the flow of water in the normally quiet creek was somewhere between 100 and 200 km per hour (60-120mph). Enormous boulders some the size of 4 or 5 cars were literally picked up and moved, reports a University of Queensland research group (Gatton Lockyer and Brisbane Valley Star November 30th 2011, p22). The Gatton press reported “The boulders weren’t just rolled along they were picked up, suspended in water, and moved kilometres. Water did in a day what should have taken hundreds of thousands of years….The erosion has also exposed a series of past riverbeds where major flooding has occurred before.” Lockyer Valley Mayor, Steve Jones said, “this is a significant scientific find, but it also shows events like this are more common than we believe”.

Editorial Comment: So even a single day in the life of planet Earth can be catastrophic. And a single event can be massive which means that when the researchers reported that the erosion was the equivalent of 100,000 years of erosion, they missed the point: time doesn’t erode anything, a process does and when you have the right process you get the resulting effect without the time.

It’s time to use geologists’ logic against them. Most geologists, biologists and everyone else thinks in terms of Charles Lyell’s “present is the key to the past” uniformitarianism, so they are blind to think about how a catastrophe on a big enough scale would actually explain much of the geology we see around us. But think about using “the present is the key to the past” in the following way: if one day’s rain on one little mountain range, produced such erosion and shifted immense boulders kilometres, what would be the result of forty days and nights of rain combined with water exploding out of the fountains of the deep, along with any resulting tectonic plate movement followed by water savaging around the Earth for the next year? Now Noah’s flood doesn’t look that silly at all, does it? Suddenly all needed processes would have been available for massive continental scouring, post flood run-off with Grand Canyon events, massive life destruction, etc. without vast time spans at all. Never forget one important key: Time does nothing. Millions of years don’t make life possible, and millions of years do not produce Grand Canyons. Only the right process produces life, and only the right process produces erosion events like the great unconformity or the Grand Canyon.

Funny the press would choose to report this January 2011 event in the following December. This editor has been actually using footage of this eroded creek bed since January in our presentations on evaluating Noah’s Flood. We lead students to the Lockyer Valley quite often to do field trips, and we often venture up and down Murphy’s Creek looking for fossils where the inland Tsunami took off, so we know what the area looked like before the one day catastrophic event, and we have plenty of photos of the area to compare before and after effects. (Ref. flood, cataclysm, Genesis)

Evidence News 7 December 2011