Carnivorous cow eats chickens, according to an article from Reuters, 8 Mar 2007. Ajit Ghosh, who lives in a remote West Bengal village was disturbed when 48 of his chickens disappeared over a month. He suspected they were being taken by dogs, so he and his family kept watch one night over the shed where the chickens were kept. The shed also housed their calf, and the family, who are Hindus and regard cows as sacred animals, were shocked to see the calf scooping up and eating a few chickens “with the precision of a jungle cat”.

Editorial Comment: All this brings back memories of this editors time spent in outback Australia during a bad drought when firstly the grass died, so next the rabbits died. This left any surviving cattle with only one option – eating dried rabbits, which they then proceeded to do. Of course we are waiting for the day when a scientist writes up on a paper the discovery of buried rabbit bones with cow chew marks on, and proposes a thesis on carnivorous cows evolving in Australia. The reality is most animals have enough brains to eat what they need in order to survive when they can’t get what they want. I’m also reminded of the chickens I have kept over my many years. It is very evident that these creatures which do not have teeth and therefore cannot chew their grain, will happily resort to eating animals such as mice when they get peckish if grain is rare. This story also reminds us of the time after Noah’s flood when God warned Noah that the climate was changing and for then on there would be harsh conditions, such as hot summers and freezing cold winters. This meant that there would not be enough plant food for human needs and God gave man permission to eat meat. Animals that had previously been vegetarians also took to eating meat in order to survive. Some made the transition quickly and have become known as carnivores. Others have been observed to make the transition more recently and some animals just eat whatever is available. (Ref. Diet, vegans, environment)

Evidence News 14th March 2007