We have been running experiments on increasing the percentage of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere of a set of terrariums as part of our Jurassic Ark Project. Our aim is to investigate the effect of increased carbon dioxide on the growth rate of plants.

We initially ran the experiment for only three weeks but the results were intriguing.

Summary of Technique:

  1. Our standard terrarium has atmospheric or normal level of CO2 and is open to the atmosphere.
  2. Terrarium number 2 has twice as much CO2 at the start and is cut off from the atmosphere.
  3. All remaining contents in terrariums are identical including gravel, water, soil and plant types.

This preliminary experiment was designed to establish problems in measuring growth rates as well as construct plans for computer sensing equipment needs.

The most noticeable difference in results to date shows in different growth rates in the normal CO2 terrarium compared with the one in which we have doubled the initial amount of CO2. No further CO2 has been added to the terrarium during the trial. The greatest benefit shown was in the initial growth rate of the seedlings when the CO2 was at its peak. Future experiments will maintain CO2 at a fixed quantity during the duration of the trial.


All readings taken at 7 am.

Seed type: Wheat

24/9/10: all shot about 5 mm high


  • Height: all approx. 30 mm
  • Temp 70 degrees in both boxes.
  • Humidity 75% in open box, 80% in No. 2


  • Height: No.1 – 120 mm, No. 2 – 125 mm
  • Temp 70 degrees both boxes.
  • Humidity 80% in open box, 86% in No. 2.


  • Height: No. 1 – 150mm. No. 2 – 160 mm.
  • Temp 72 degrees in open box. 72 in No. 2.
  • Humidity 82% in open box, 85% in No. 2.


  • Height: No. 1 – 200 mm, No. 2 – 205 mm.
  • Temp 68 degrees in open box. 65 in No. 2.
  • Humidity 80% in open box, 84% in No. 2.


  • Height: No. 1 – 385mm, No. 2 – 390 mm.
  • Temp 70 degrees in open box, 78 in No 2.
  • Humidity 82% in open box, 85% in No 2.

This first Eden Experiment has now been discontinued so tanks can be set up for next trials to further develop the set up so results can be computer monitored and analysed continuously. Thus far the limited results are not consistent with the climate change concept that carbon dioxide is a villain. As you can see this has tremendous potential application for agriculture, as well as politics.

All our fossil collecting of giant versions of today’s plants, combined with decades of garden experience tells us that plants respond much better to higher quantities of carbon dioxide as well as an absence of extremes of winter and summer. We have contracted an Electronics Engineer to design the new Eden climate controlled computer monitored greenhouse experiments as part of our Jurassic Ark project at Gympie Australia. These experimental plots are being grown with double and triple the amount of atmospheric carbon dioxide, as well as other control features to show what plant growth was like in the ‘good’ created world before Noah’s Flood destroyed both the earth and the original atmosphere. Results are expected to be both interesting to the average creationist, as well as have long term impact on farming techniques plus be a whammy to the folly we’re seeing in the green politics of climate change.

Financial and prayerful support for this experiment is needed. Donations can be made here

Evidence News 27 Oct 2010