Cambrian land plant fossils found in Grand Canyon and Tennessee rocks (USA), reports New Scientist, 18 March 2000, p15. Geologist Paul Strother of Boston College, Massachusetts presented his Cambrian discoveries to recent meeting of Geological Society of America – fossil spores similar to present day liverworts. Land plant spores had previously been found in middle Ordovician rocks but new spores are believed (by evolutionists) to be 510 million years old, a time when most claim life was rapidly evolving only in the sea.

Editorial Comment: Perhaps Clifford Burdick will now get the credit he deserves.

Who’s Burdick? He is the geologist who reported finding fossil plant spores/pollen in Grand Canyon Cambrian Rocks almost 40 years ago but was laughed at because he was a creationist. (See Creation Research Society Annuals 1966 and onwards). Creation Research predicts (if evolutionists continue researching) they will discover all kinds of plants and animals have been here since the beginning (give or take a few days), just as Genesis says. (Ref. plant, fossil, Cambrian, prediction)