Dr Duane Gish (1921-2013) – A tribute by John Mackay

Even though I had graduated in geology, specialising in palaeontology, and had ceased being an evolutionist as a result of the lack of evidence presented in my university years, I was yet to take the final steps to full blown Creationist. It was through the activities of members of the old Evolution Protest Movement (EPM), John Woodford to whom I had been introduced by a Brisbane Grammar School Science Staff member Max Schibrowski (full blown creationist and EPM supporter) that I was introduced to the lectures, books and debates of Dr Gish.

I later got to know Duane very well, listened to the pros and cons of his fossil talks, met with him in the USA and, along with Ken Ham, invited him to speak in Australia. I also endured his FORE-tee or more golf jokes, and gasped at his ability to eat buckets of raw chillis combined with raw onion (as you watched), plus noted his debating techniques on how to win.

As a result I really appreciated Dr Gish’s positive commendations on one of our most popular and successful debates against Physicist Prof Dr Rev John Polkinghorne, when Duane wrote:
“Yesterday I received the DVD of your debate with John Polkinghorne at Liverpool Cathedral. You gave a superb presentation. You had carefully and thoroughly studied every facet of the question to be debated. You splendidly applied the Word of God just as it should be interpreted. I did not note any flaws in the way you presented the evidence for the Biblical and scientific evidence for creation. You immediately, without hesitation, forcefully refuted every major argument that Polkinghorne offered. Your delivery was outstanding. Your attitude toward your opponent was gentle and your humor was both entertaining and effective. To anyone with an open mind, regardless of his view point, you won the debate handily. Happily, there was a large audience to witness the debate.”
May God continue to give you good health and wisdom as you present the evidence for His marvellous creation. Your brother in Christ, Duane T. Gish”.

Duane always said his aim was to die with his boots on, and he was faithful to the end.

Final Result: Undebatable. Jesus Won, Satan Zero.

More details: http://www.icr.org/article/7318/.

The debate between John Mackay and John Polkinghorne can be viewed online here.

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